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Caledonian Super Gold and Gravel Pump

This beautifully engineered lightweight pump is designed to not only get the gravel but also the GOLD into your pan or sluice. It has unrivalled suction and a superbly smooth action. The piston can be easily adjusted to suit the strength of the use.

You are not allowed to use a dredge in the United Kingdom so why not use this hand held suction tool to get the gold out which most likely has slipped further and further down into the hole you have just been digging.

We can almost guarantee, you will bring more gold home than if you were just using a shovel.

L: 1000 mm overall, handle not extended
L: 690mm, vacuum chamber
Inside Ø of pump: ~60 mm
Outside Ø of pump: 69 mm
Weight: 1500 g

Caledonian Super Pump

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