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A 14" (356mm) 20oz (560g) steel panning pan with riffels to help with the separation of gold and gravel. It also comes with a lanyard hole for easy carrying.
Gold panning pans are traditionally made of steel or similar metallic compound, although plastic pans are now becoming more popular.
Steel pans are prone to rust, so care must be taken to dry pans after use - A small amount of rust was traditionally considered to help retain gold particles as it roughed up the pan surface.
Plastic pans do not rust but are weaker than steel pans, they are more likely to break if handled too roughly or sat on, they also float and can potentially disappear downstream.

Please note this steel pan will be shipped with its oil coating for rust protection during storage. This will need to be cleaned off before it is used for the first time.

Estwing Steel Gold Pan 14"

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