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The story of the gold rush and the various activities covered by the project have been put together in a monograph to which members of the project team have contributed. The resultant book, titled ‘Kildonan – the Scottish Goldrush’, edited by Ron Callender and Patrick Reeson is published by the Northern Mine Research Society as part of their British Mining series.

The book covers in some detail, the events of 1869 gleaned from reports ‘from our correspondent’ published in the local newspapers at the time. It also reveals some of the people and personalities at the diggings and other historical aspects of the gold rush and describes in some detail the geology of the area, offers an answer to the often asked question – where did the gold come from and elaborates on the methods used to recover the gold.

The work undertaken by the Baile an Or Project team between the years 2003 and 2006 at Kildonan is comprehensively covered. Although the main activity on the site at Baile an Or – the name given to the settlement established by the miners at Kildonan – was an archaeological exploration, additional work involved the reconstruction and furnishing of a miner’s cabin, based on photographs taken at the time and the findings from the archaeological research.



The publication is illustrated with drawings and photographs from 1869, as well as from the recent activities of the Project members.

The Scottish Gold Rush of 1869 from Baile An Or

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